Sunday, December 4, 2011

No. 914 – Throw Your Hatred Down

Performer: Neil Young
Songwriter: Neil Young
Original Release: Mirror Ball
Year: 1995
Definitive Version: None

After the lease to my German Village apartment ran out in June 1995, I went month-to-month. Debbie’s lease didn’t run out till the end of August, so another two months was no problem. The question, of course, was where were we going to move.

There was no debate: We both wanted to live in German Village. What was not to like? Great restaurants and pubs were in walking distance. All the necessary stores were nearby. And, at least back then, a bustling shopping center was just minutes away Downtown. Besides, the apartments were cool. Who wouldn’t want to live in a 100-year-old brick building with wood floors and a fireplace?

However, as I noted, German Village was at least a half-hour’s drive from Debbie’s workplace in New Albany. At that point, the highwayification of Rt. 161, which would cut that commute in half, was only a twinkle in Les Wexner’s eye, so the long commute was a real concern.

My concern was this: I’d once been in a sterile apartment complex of the type that Debbie lived, and I didn’t want to go back. I wanted my place to have a little character, like in German Village, and not be a stack of shoeboxes chock-a-block down the street.

We looked a bit in German Village, but the overwhelming concern became as obvious as the answer to the question of why didn’t Debbie just didn’t move into my place: There wasn’t enough room. Yes, my apartment was a two-bedroom townhouse with a basement, but the rooms were small. For example, her bedroom suit wouldn’t be able to fit in the larger of my two bedrooms.

We looked at a few other places that were coming on the market, and there wasn’t much difference there. Besides, Debbie didn’t want to have to park on the street if she could help it, so it wasn’t long before I conceded that we’d have to look elsewhere. Shoebox city, here I come.

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