Tuesday, December 6, 2011

No. 912 – Molly’s Lips

Performer: Nirvana
Songwriters: Eugene Kelly, Frances McKee
Original Release: single, Incesticide
Year: 1991, 1992
Definitive Version: None

As I mentioned, I didn’t have laundry in my German Village apartment building. A Laundromat was within walking distance, although it was small, and I had the issue of where I would hang all the shirts that I didn’t put through the dryer.

Back then, I followed laundry directions to the letter, and I didn’t dry anything that was 100 percent cotton, so that meant all my work shirts and all my T-shirts that had logos on them, and, oh yeah, some pants too, had to be air dried. The Laundromat was impractical, because what I needed was somewhere where I could just leave my clothes to dry all day.

Fortunately, Debbie and I began to date seriously. Debbie had a washer and dryer in her apartment—not building but her actual apartment. Before long, I had a key to her place, and that meant laundry Mondays when I needed them. I could do all my laundry—for free—and leave it all hanging in her bathroom or draped over all of her furniture and then get back that evening before she came home to find her apartment looking like a bachelor pad minus the pizza boxes stacked to the ceiling. It was a sweet setup.

I’m not certain, but I might have listened to Incesticide for the first time on one of those laundry days. I bought it after the fact, and I listened to it a lot in the winter of 1994-95. I’ll bet Kurt never intended for it to be the perfect companion to doing a load of whites, but it is.

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